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A Trip That Brings You Closer to You


A Trip. A Place. You.

Land of EMOKON

"with passion there will be progress.
power comes from inner peace.
satisfaction means luck."

"In der Begeisterung liegt der Fortschritt.
In der Ruhe liegt die Kraft.
In der Zufriedenheit liegt das Glück."

A Wish become true

I always dreamed of being near to wild animals in their habitat. So once I got the chance in Namibia to be part of a project which safes injured wild animals to make them living their life again. I felt for the first time in my life, what makes me happy: Less is more. Sense. Love. Something to eat.

I found this experience between an outstanding and impressing situation, when I first felt real existential anxiety and real happiness. So I wanted to find a way to make people experience what they need to be happy as well. Therefore I founded EMOKON and I found a place nearby with cheetahs. Time with the cheetahs may help you to find your luck more or less within hours instead of years. The cheetahs I am working with are good friends - you have to know their boundaries and they have to know yours as well. If you like to join me, I invite you to contact me.


EMOKON is an adventure.
Point of views and inspiration. Power, inner peace and luck. Passion, progress and satisfaction. Happy managers and teams - mothers, fathers, children and families. A good time for all of us.

Love / Explore / Choose / Be

EMOKON offers individual experience programs. 
We offer you adventures, perspectives and impulses.

You will meet impressive, professional and inspiring personalities - consultants, trainers, guides, trendsetters, wonderful people - and you will feel the power and inspiration of nature, passion and happiness.


SOON: "Your Place. Your Loved Ones. Your Life. Your Mission."

My place within the forest offers you special moments.
It is about your love. To explore. To choose. And finally to be. You will feel the power and inspiration of nature, passion and happiness.

If you talk or if you are busy you cannot listen. If you listen to nature, if you take and give, if you have time to be thankful and respectful, you will be able to listen to yourself.
Every good conversation starts with good listening!
You may feel a sense of support and security, inner peace and oneness with nature and yourself.

To act from your heart and to read from ones heart is such a wonderful feeling and I wish everybody to get to know these moments of happiness.

It is so important: When writing the story of your life - don`t let anyone else hold the pen. If you never try, you will never know!