Peaceful things. Comfortable and Beautiful. Recycled.
Necklaces for friends


Wood. Colourful Clay Ball. Sisal.

What you may experience with your Mapuna is a sense of support and security, inner peace and oneness with nature. It is the very nature of being, of existence, to be free, to feel a sense of happiness.

  • Inspiration

  • Freedom

  • Happiness


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Mapuna for Kids & friends

Little MAPUNAs

Colourful Wool. Wood Balls. Energetic Stones.

"The power of stones". When we think of our childhood, we know that stones attracted our attention. The Mapuna for our loved ones is made of gemstones, wool and wood. I have chosen four different stones - Sunstone, Mookait, Aquamarin, Apatit. Each stone has a motivating story and meaning. They may help to protect and to accompany our litte ones in their lives, especially when they have to master their first steps - like kindergarden and school, challenges and competitions, health and individuality, confrontations and new experiences.

What our loved ones may experience with their Mapuna is a sense of support and security, inner peace, happiness and lots of power!

  • Support & Security

  • Power

  • Happiness


25.00 € per piece - long necklace for girls, short surfer necklace for boys


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